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Nantucket! The name alone conjures up a kaleidoscope of images: history, beaches, the ocean, restaurants, shopping, the list goes on. You’ll find all of those and more in a world-class setting here on the Little Grey Lady. Of course, with so much to do and see, you’ll want to make sure you plan ahead, and that’s where Nantucket Online comes in. We’re your one-stop-shop for all of the information you’ll need to plan an absolutely unforgettable visit to this magical island. Whether your plan is to immerse yourself in local history at the famed Nantucket Whaling Museum, tour the island’s many villages, peruse local shops, or just relax on your own stretch of our miles of wide-open beaches, we’ve got you covered. From local weather to the island bus schedule to a map of the island to help you get around, it’s all right here.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is order a few of our Nantucket-specific magazines. They’ll help you familiarize yourself with lodging options, local attractions, and a lot of things particular to Nantucket that will make your visit more enjoyable.

You’ll also want to make sure that you secure lodging as soon as possible, because hotels and B&Bs fill up quickly, especially around popular festivals and holidays like the Nantucket Daffodil Festival or Christmas Stroll. We have a comprehensive Calendar of Events that you can peruse to see what is happening on the island. And don’t forget to take time to eat while you’re here. Check out our full list of island restaurants and menus and experience all the culinary joys Nantucket has to offer. Don’t miss out on our chef profiles!

Nantucket On Ice

Way back when in the olden days – as far back as the 1990s, I mean – the lack of activities on Nantucket, especially in the winter, was a major complaint. Once the season changed, the visitors left, and the beaches weren’t quite so inviting, what were kids of all ages to do with their time? Read more

Grazy Days in Squam

The Sheep Grazing Program started in 2005 by the Science Department at the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. Though the program is no longer active this article provides an informative overview of this very fascinating study of landscape and livestock on Nantucket. Read more

East Brick

They stand sentry over upper Main Street, three identical imposing brick facades that are reminders of Nantucket’s booming maritime economy that lived and died by the whale oil industry. The Three Bricks, as they are known collectively, were built by Nantucket whale oil merchant Joseph......... Read more

Maiden Voyage

The lure of an island can take many forms. But oftentimes, as when introduced to a masterpiece work of art, it is that first impression that fixes permanently in one’s psyche. So it was for me upon seeing Nantucket for my first time. I had heard many friends on the mainland sing its praises.... Read more

A Boat for All Seasons

As the fishing industry began to increase in demand and volume, it saw the use of larger ships sailing further out to haul in greater catches via dory-trawling. In the early 19th century, Lowell’s Boat Shop began to design and mass-produce a dory with straight, higher sides and a deeper........ Read more

The Island Breathes

Mild temperatures, sandy shores, excellent food and the inherent charm that Nantucket possesses, from its whaling history to its arrival as an island destination, the summer undoubtedly attracts crowds week after week. Weekends blend right into weekdays, promising music and dancing at The...... Read more

Oh My Deer!

According to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and others who know these sorts of things, deer have been on Nantucket off-and-on since the beginning of its existence as an island. Archaeological remains dating as far back as 3,500 years ago indicate the presence of deer on Nantucket........ Read more

The Culture of Cranberries

There is not another fruit that can hold a cocktail to our native cranberry. We have taken this humble berry to heights unimagined by lesser fruit. We eat it, we drink it, we decorate with it and we medicate with it. On Nantucket, the cranberry is one of the most prominent clarion calls........ Read more

Orange & Grey

Orange is the Morning Light greeting the Dirt Road, shrouded in privet. At a glance, the roads look the same. Some are named, some are unnamed, some are used as a cut-through to other roads. Ours was a dead end. I walked that Road to my first landscaping job. The Dirt was more like dust........ Read more

Red, White & Blue

In May, red wine swirls in glasses at the Nantucket Wine Festival. June is streaked with sunburns and Madaket Sunsets. Stars and red stripes hang off the stern in July, honoring the country’s independence. Red fleck sails of the Rainbow Fleet, drifting past Brant Point in August. Beach plums... Read more


Under a sapphire blue summer sky, above the call of a lone gull floating on a gentle breeze, a booming voice yelling, “Ready to row, ROW,” sounds across the water as a boat propelled by oarsmen skims along. The boat has five oars and a steering-oar. The harpooner, in the bow, pulls a star...... Read more

Nantucket’s Compass Rose

The compass rose on the side of the building (Ralph Lauren) has attracted attention to Nantucket’s place in the world for about 75 years. It was created and put on the side of his store by H. Marshall Gardiner in the early 1930s, at a time when attention was needed to bring business not only... Read more

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