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Since 1989, Anderson Publishing, Inc. has printed publications for the Nantucket community. We were also the first company to offer color advertising on the island, up until that point everything was printed just in black and white.

It all started with the Nantucket Guide, which was produced for those visiting the island whether as a “day-tripper” or one that was staying for a while. It was a helpful vehicle for businesses to promote their shops and services to the tourist.

Next came something for the community, the Nantucket Phone Book, referred today as “The Nantucket Bible.” Besides names and phone numbers, it has mailing lists, town government information, a “green recycle section,” menus and a wedding vendor section. After that, the glossy, coffee table magazines began starting with Island Weddings. Multiple titles have been added since. Now there are nine additional issues annually. is a platform that provides global viewing to showcase the beauty of Nantucket, its rich history. It also offers the ability to order our magazines so that you have them in your own home. I hope that you enjoy what started over 30 years ago.

Deborah Anderson

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