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Nantucket’s culinary scene is second-to-none, with options ranging from beach casual to luxuriously exotic. It’s impossible to go wrong with any restaurant on the island, but we’ve put together a directory to help you narrow down your choices to better fit your personal tastes. Whether you’re looking for a French bistro, a coffee shop, a comfortable bar and lounge, classically-prepared Italian, a good-old-fashioned hamburger, or the perfect lobster roll, or something else entirely, Nantucket has a restaurant menu for you.

Have A Whale Of A Time

The restaurant scene on Nantucket’s downtown Main Street has been experiencing a slow yet welcome revival, last year with Lemon Press opening its doors in the old Arno’s location, and now, this season with the debut of Or, the Whale fitting sweetly in the spot of the former Met on Main......... Read more


I’ve been associated with Nantucket for a very long time as a summer visitor who turned year-round resident for a few years then went back to summer visitor. In those multiple decades of time spent on Nantucket, I’ve seen places come and go. The Blueberry Muffin on Centre Street? I parted...... Read more

Love On The Docks

Raised on Nantucket, you could say that being on the docks is in Christy Bassett Baker’s blood as her father served as Dock Master for thirty years. Growing up, Christy spent summers as a dock attendant, running between wharves to tie guest lines and welcome guests dockside, including one...... Read more

Bar Yoshi

In the year 2015, after a fire damaged the small yet quaint island favorite restaurant Sushi By Yoshi, a plywood board nailed over the front door became a sort of message board of well wishes from Yoshi’s best customers. Eventually, nearly 50 messages were inscribed across the board. To........ Read more

Playing For Keeps

Those who have been around the Nantucket dining scene for some time have no doubt come to the startling realization that Fog Island Café, one of downtown’s favorite places for breakfast and lunch, is no longer in its familiar South Water Street location. And for those of us who remember........ Read more

Where to Find Breakfast and Brunch Spots

According to the scientific folks who know about these sorts of things, human beings have five senses with which we take in the world around us: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. One perfect way to engage all five of your senses while you’re on Nantucket is by going out to breakfast...... Read more

More Than Just A Bakery

Rebecca Moesinger was ready for a change. The Milton, Massachusetts resident (originally from Hingham, Massachusetts) and former owner of the successful wedding cake business Konditor Meister was looking to start another business somewhere new. The year was 2011, the real estate market......... Read more

Sweets & Treats

I remember the summer when I was finally old enough to go to town by myself for ice cream. I rode my bike to the Sweet Shop on Main Street, the money I’d managed to scrape together safely in my pocket. I confidently walked in the door and contemplated which flavor I would be enjoying that...... Read more

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