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While access to the freshest of Atlantic seafood and vegetables from local farms are the centerpiece of many island restaurant meals, it’s the chefs who are the real culinary stars here. Ranging from self-taught experts to graduates of the finest culinary schools in the world, Nantucket chefs bring their own signature styles and techniques to their restaurants that, combined with the best ingredients, work to create magical meals that are truly unforgettable. Read more about local chefs in our featured chef profiles.

Patrick Ridge from Island Kitchen – Chef Profile

I don’t know what it is about Nantucket, but so many residents seem to have a story about unintentional meetings that led to their moving to the island. For some, it was a summer job that turned into a full-time lifestyle. For others, it’s a romantic interest that appeared when it was least.... Read more

Jenny Bence from The Green – Chef Profile

Nantucket’s tradition of strong women dates back at least as far as the days when whalers would sail off for years at a time. Their wives were left on the island, and it was they who kept things going while the men were away. Such was the reputation of those ladies that in the 1800s, a......... Read more

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