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With more than 82 miles of coastline, Nantucket is a beach lover’s paradise! Our beach guide provides full descriptions of Nantucket beaches, including information like food service, restroom availability, surf lessons, lifeguard presence, and more. We even tell you which beaches are served by The Wave (the island’s shuttle bus service) and which ones are easily accessible via bike paths (see our activities listings for information about bike rentals companies on the island).

Discover The Beaches

The beaches on Nantucket are pristine and beautiful – some of the best in the world. If you are able to drive out to Great Point in a four-wheel drive vehicle, you will experience one of the best places on the Island. You will see seals frolicking in the surf, sandpipers, gulls and smooth...... Read more


The ocean defines island culture. Located 30 miles out to sea, the ocean insulates Nantucket... Read more


Fog is synonymous with the Grey Lady — an epithet, not just a weather report... Read more

Life at the Edge

The SUN, SAND, and SURF play a starring role in the allure that draws us to Nantucket and its beaches. But I would offer another compelling attribute of the beach that begins with “S”, solitude. In our increasingly frenzied and chaotic world of deadlines, commitments, and “going the... Read more

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