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There are few things more gorgeous than a wedding on Nantucket. The island’s natural beauty is the perfect backdrop for your special day, and there are plenty of unique local accoutrements that can only make it better. But as any Nantucket bride will be happy to tell you, there’s more to getting married on Nantucket than simply saying, “I do.” There are venues to be located and reserved, flowers to be arranged, food to be catered, hair and makeup to be done, the list goes on. It’s enough to drive even the most detail-oriented bride—and her mother, for that matter—crazy. Fortunately, for everyone involved in your wedding party, we have got everything you need to know about getting married on the Far Away Isle right here.

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Katie & Cody Crowell

Katie and Cody were married in a backyard ceremony at her family’s home overlooking Nantucket Harbor, attended by close family and friends. The beautiful setting was adorned with hydrangea bushes matching the lush wedding arbor by Soiree Floral, while ceremony music was provided by Jeff Ross... Read more

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Emily & Kelley Erb

Emily and Kelley were married at the Siasconset Chapel with their reception following at the Siasconset Casino. Emily grew up summering on the island at her grandparents’ cottage on Front Street in ‘Sconset. The couple started dating as Kelley was finishing his Ph.D. in Boston, and Emily was... Read more

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Winter Bride

The Slosek family owns Moors End Farm on Polpis Road and Abby Slosek chose to have a wedding in the winter on February 11, 2017. She knows the beauty of every season on Nantucket, having grown up here. Abby and her groom, Jeff Carlson, embraced the elements of winter to have a real family...... Read more

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Kate & Billy Gaines

Kate and Billy were married on a gorgeous late September night on Nantucket. They were surrounded by a small and close group of family and friends as they exchanged their vows on the back lawn of the White Elephant. Read more

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Kara and Zach Silverman

Kara and Zach got married on June 3rd, 2017 at the beautiful Dreamland Theatre. Their ceremony was filled with love and happy tears and was followed by a rooftop cocktail hour. The reception was in the great room and was filled with bright colors and sophisticated details. There was dancing.... Read more

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Christen & Craig Aronoff

Christen and Craig were married at St. Mary’s church in downtown Nantucket, and later held their reception at Galley Beach, right on the water on the north shore of the island. The bride wore a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress, with her bridesmaids echoing pink pastel shades. Such a perfect.... Read more

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Cameron & Jim Eckenrode

Cami and Jim were married Sept 30th 2017 on Nantucket! They had a heartfelt ceremony at St. Mary’s Church with their officiant, Father John Unni, who has known Jim’s family for a long time. The ceremony was personal, full of sentimental moments and very humorous. “I have been coming... Read more

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Brittany & Jonah Smith

Brittany and Jonah were married on June 3rd 2017. Their wedding was held at Brittany’s family home here on Nantucket and it was the perfect place for them to celebrate with family and friends! Brittany related, “Our wedding was extra special to the two of us, as it was in the front yard of..... Read more

This is a Featured Wedding

Liza & James Hatton

Liza and James were married in an outdoor ceremony in Sconset with their reception following at the Siasconset Casino.The couple hit it off immediately when they met for the first time one night in December of 2011, at the Chicken Box. James, originally from England, is a passionate............ Read more

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