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One thing about Nantucket, there’s a range of dress codes. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can literally go from a bathing suit to a tuxedo in the same afternoon. When planning a wedding, that variety offers amazing opportunities that you can tailor to your own individual taste. Want to go embrace the island lifestyle? Why not have a ceremony on the beach? Of course, there are plenty of traditional sites for the ceremony, too. Or maybe you fall somewhere in the middle of those two options. In that case, a private home or other similar location might be best. Whatever your decision, it’s always best to hire someone local to help you find the ideal location. Browse our listings of Wedding Planners for the perfect person to help you plan your day.

Winter Weddings

A winter wedding on Nantucket will evoke a lifetime of memories. The backdrop for photos are both literally and figuratively, those that dreams are made of... Read more

Parties • Receptions

Your reception can be as grand or as simple and intimate as you want. A lawn wedding may suggest a reception in a tent set up on the property. A church wedding may conclude with a reception at a restaurant located on the water. Nothing could be more Nantucket than a seaside event! The smell.... Read more

Spring Weddings

A wedding on Nantucket will evoke a lifetime of memories. The backdrop for photos are both literally and figuratively, those that dreams are made of. Both you and your guests will enjoy pre- and post-wedding activities, making this a vacation for your guests and a memorable event for you....... Read more


That special man in your life who loved and cared for you while you were growing up. Now has the honor, on your wedding day, of walking you down the aisle. This man is just moments away from giving you to the man who will now care for you. Read more


Their colors and shapes speak your style, without saying a word at all. Choose them carefully. use them sparingly or in massive amounts... Read more


Weddings are for everyone to dress to the nines, and choosing the right look for the groom, best man and groomsmen will add distinction and fun to the big day. Whether it’s the classic tux or a laid-back suit and tie, boutonnieres or cummerbunds, bow ties or cuff links, men have plenty of...... Read more


We all know Cinderella wore special shoes (glass “slippers”) to the ball when she met her Prince Charming. Why shouldn’t our modern-day brides do the same? Read more


Artistic tabletop decor is a great way to welcome guests and bring the shared memories and personalities of the wedding couple to life. Rustic chic, classic formal, nautical or simply a favorite color – any idea, destination or favorite thing can bring everyone together and highlight your...... Read more


These are the women who are special in your life and they are the ones that you want with you on your wedding day. They have shared so many moments and memories with you – the high school friends, the college roommates, or the special family members that mean the most to you. These women....... Read more

Who Gives The Toast?

Toasts are meant to be short and in honor of the person or couple being toasted. Stories should not be part of a toast. It is best to prepare a toast and not just do it “off-the-cuff.” Have some notes. Practice, practice and practice again. Try your toast in front of a mirror or to someone..... Read more

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