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It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a whole team of professionals to pull off the perfect wedding. Nantucket is home to some of the finest wedding pros you will find anywhere. World-class photographers, incredibly talented musicians, and DJs, renowned private chefs, and even antique cars can be rented. Check out our listing of wedding professionals, where you’re sure to find the exact person you’re looking for.


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Wedding Cakes

An important centerpiece to the special day, cutting the cake is just one of many ancient wedding customs that involves food as a symbol of bounty, fertility and good fortune. Breads, rice, sweet pies and cakes have all been offered to the wedding couple to mark the occasion. Many custom....... Read more

More Than Just A Bakery

Rebecca Moesinger was ready for a change. The Milton, Massachusetts resident (originally from Hingham, Massachusetts) and former owner of the successful wedding cake business Konditor Meister was looking to start another business somewhere new. The year was 2011, the real estate market......... Read more

Dreamy Confections

Of course everyone expects you to cut the cake and feed a piece to each other, but many couples are breaking away from this tradition and going with the newest trend of gourmet cupcakes and dessert tables with all types of treats to choose from. Thought to initially just be a fad, it seems..... Read more

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