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Airlines: Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines
Auto & Bus Services: American Auto Transporters, Inc. •  Nantucket Regional Transit Authority
Bicycles: Easy Riders Bicycle RentalsYoung’s Bicycle Shop & 4×4 Car Rental
Ferry: Hy-Line Cruises

If you’ve never done it before, getting to Nantucket and then getting around the island can be a bit of challenge to the uninitiated, so let us help you make your trip a smooth one. After all, we’ve done it a few times and you can learn from our experience. Because Nantucket is twenty-six miles out in the Atlantic, there’s no bridge that you can take to get here. Instead, your options are either flying from any one of several airports or taking one of the different ferry options from Hyannis. Either way, once you get to the island, you’ll want to be able to get around. That means renting a bicycle, renting a car, or availing yourself of local taxis or the shuttle bus.