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James Lydon Sons & Daughters | Roofing & Siding

Box 982, 02564, Siasconset, Ma

James Lydon started his roofing business in Scituate, Massachusetts in 1967, and has been working on Nantucket for nearly 40 years.

His son, Chris started working on roofs during summers in the eighth grade, and been at it full time since graduating from the University of Delaware in 2008.

James Lydon Sons and Daughters is a small second-generation company with a four-man crew. They do projects one at a time, whether it’s putting slate shingles on the historic Macy Warehouse, the Great Point Lighthouse, or one of the Three Bricks on Main Street. They take the same care on a small ‘Sconset Village cottage as the did replacing the roof and siding on on the White Elephant Hotel and the Offshore Animal Hospital.

So whether you need a roof shingled, or your siding replaced, or custom copper gutters, or maybe some copper flower boxes- give them a call for an estimate.


James Lydon has been a master roofer for decades and has recently started to craft copper window boxes made by hand. The ever-changing look of copper, or a burnished copper look is one of the final touches to make your home distinctly Nantucket. Inquire about these beautiful, custom flower boxes!

Explore more of this story as published in Review, Spring 2018!

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Featured Business Profile

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