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From April through December, there are many special events on Nantucket. The season kicks off with the celebration of all things Narcissus during the island’s annual Daffodil Festival and then things wind down with the island’s annual Christmas Stroll in December. Between those two bookends, there are plenty of special events to entice you, both on land and on the water. The Wine Festival and Film Festival are early-season events on terra firma, whereas Nantucket Race Week in August sees participants take to the sea. Check out our Calendar of Events for a full description of all the goings-on around Nantucket.

Events in all Seasons

Lots of yellow. Begun in 1974, the Nantucket Daffodil Festival is an annual celebration of the beauty of narcissus blooms, with literally millions of the gorgeous yellow flowers lining the sides of Milestone and Polpis Roads. The festival takes place annually on the last full weekend of........ Read more

Picnic ‘Sconset Village

Spring has sprung! Nantucket sure does know how to throw a party . . . and this is the first of many throughout the year. It starts with Daffodil Festival - and ends with Christmas Stroll. The Nantucket Garden Club decorates all the lamp posts in town with yellow ribbons. They plant the........ Read more

Best 3 Days Ever

Everyone knows winters on Nantucket are tough, and maybe that’s why the annual and much-anticipated Daffodil Festival feels like a true, island-wide celebration. Suddenly, on this last weekend in April, it’s as if the island has bloomed like the very flower it celebrates. With the crowds....... Read more

In for a Daffodil Weekend

It’s springtime on Nantucket. You can feel the joy in everyone now that winter has passed. Stores are opening, people are out and about and of course, we are all looking forward to Daffodil Weekend.The streets and shop windows come alive with decorations for this weekend. Yellow bows adorn..... Read more

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