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Specialty Drinks on Nantucket

Find the best spots for specialty drinks on Nantucket Island. From ice cold smoothies, flavorful coffee drinks, and of course signature cocktails, there is something for every taste at these Nantucket restaurants.

The breeze Nantucket cocktails

ACK Breeze Cocktail at Breeze, located at the Nantucket Hotel.

cocktails at the chanticleer nantucket

Petite Bourgeoise at The Chanticleer in ‘Sconset Village.

Faregrounds nantucket drinks

The Great Fat Frozen Elvis at Faregrounds is decadent and delicious.

specialty drinks at the languedoc nantucket

You cannot go wrong with classic cocktails at The Languedoc Bistro.

meat and fish market specialty nantucket coffee drinks

Specialty Coffee Drinks are always perfect at Nantucket Meat & Fish Market.

Or the Whale specialty nantucket Drinks

Kelly Kapowski, Uncle Bad News, Darling are a few favorites at Or, the Whale.

cocktails at oran mor nantucket

Flaming Daisy at Oran Mor may be the picture perfect specialty drink on Nantucket.

Cocktails at the Sandbar on Nantucket

Frozen and Mixed Cocktails are ideal beachside beverages at Sandbar at Jetties Beach.

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