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by Andrew Spencer

Mariner Way currently offers two different completed homes—both of which are fully furnished—with plans for three more in the works. But these aren’t the typical generic spec houses. Each one has its own unique character and feel, something the team works to ensure from the earliest planning stages. “Each house has a similar thread,” Audrey explained, “but all of them have different stories. We work together to figure out how we can bring all the exterior and interior elements together to tell that story.”

In the case of the home featured in the accompanying photos—located at 3 Mariner Way—that story starts with the house’s proximity to the water. Joe Paul, of BPC Architecture, explained about the different houses’ location, “One unique characteristic of Mariner Way is the fact that residents are between Town and the harbor’s edge. Nantucket real estate tends to be an either/or situation. Either you’re in Town or you’re close to the water. In this case, you’ve got access to both.” In the cases of 3 Mariner Way, it sits closest to the harbor, and the group capitalized on that in terms of their design choices.

“We wanted to create a beach house that had a casual elegance to it,” Audrey explained. “And at the same time, we wanted it to have a traditional appearance. We’ve included a lot of colors and materials to capture a nautical, coastal feel.” And lest you need further proof that this team really did collaborate, consider the fact that architectural details of the houses offer subtle reflections of the interior design choices. “The underlying architecture of each individual home speaks to the style inside,” Joe explained.

For many Nantucket old-timers, the idea of building something—anything—new is often viewed as trouble. People worry that new construction won’t fit in with the existing nearby houses or that they’ll be too big for the lots or any other of a litany of potential complaints. For those who might have those concerns about Mariner Way, you can put them to rest for good. The design blends in seamlessly with the nearby properties and the natural environment, a goal that was at the forefront of the project team’s objectives. As Mike explained, “As a company, New England Development has done a lot of work on Nantucket over the years, and we know the island very well. Most importantly, we understand and appreciate the history and the traditions here.”

We wanted to create a beach house that had a casual elegance to it. 

Audrey explained

One thing that every member of the Mariner Way team worked towards was the goal that each house was designed and built so as to make them look like they’ve been part of the neighborhood forever. “We’ve worked really hard to make sure these houses feel like they’ve been there for decades, but with the modern interior conveniences that today’s homeowners want,” Joe said of the project. Open floor plans and expertly designed interiors are hallmarks of each of the homes, but each still retains an individual identity. “Each house has its own sense of character,” said Joe.

In the end, though, it’s all about the living space inside the home and how the owners can interact with that space.

The underlying architecture of each individual home speaks to the style inside . . .

The Mariner Way homes offer the best of all worlds for Nantucket homeowners. They provide all the modern amenities and benefits of new construction paired with a traditional feel and a prime location that is within walking distance from both Town and the harbor. Top that off with interiors created by one of the island’s most talented designers and you’ve got a homeowner’s dream.

Finally, you can see a virtual tour of the interior of 3 Mariner Way by visiting:

Architect: BPC Architecture
Builder: Clarke Brothers Construction
Developer: New England Development Company
Interior Design: Audrey Sterk Design
Photography: Jeff Allen

Article edited. Full version available in ONLY NANTUCKET FALL/WINTER 2018.

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