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Wedding Cakes

An important centerpiece to the special day, cutting the cake is just one of many ancient wedding customs that involves food as a symbol of bounty, fertility and good fortune. Breads, rice, sweet pies and cakes have all been offered to the wedding couple to mark the occasion. Many custom....... Read more

Who Gives The Toast?

Toasts are meant to be short and in honor of the person or couple being toasted. Stories should not be part of a toast. It is best to prepare a toast and not just do it “off-the-cuff.” Have some notes. Practice, practice and practice again. Try your toast in front of a mirror or to someone..... Read more

Your Wedding Colors

Choosing color for your wedding is a daunting task that will have huge impact! It will set the tone for the entire event! Here are some ideas to make it easier. Browse through a magazine and see what pages you are drawn to for their color. This may help you think of some combinations........... Read more

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