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Century House

10 Cliff Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554

A white Federalist-style mansion originally built by whaling Captain Robert Calder of Nantucket in 1833, today the Century House holds the honor of being the oldest continuously operating inn on Nantucket. Jean Ellen Heron (known as “JeanE”) and her husband Gerry Connick, the current innkeepers, aren’t sure when the name was changed from the Calder House to the Century House, but they do have stationery dating back to the early 1900s that identify the inn by that name. The motto embossed on that stationery captures the spirit of the inn as only a truly skilled copywriter can: “An Inn of Distinction on the Island of Charm.”

JeanE and Gerry today consider themselves stewards of that long tradition of distinction, though they have certainly put their own personal touches on the inn since becoming the innkeepers in 1984. “The feel is casually elegant,” JeanE said of the interior. “But it’s personal, too. We look at it as we’re bringing people into our personal space and we want them to feel comfortable and welcome.” Personal touches abound throughout the inn. For example, there are approximately 200 books in each guest room for those staying in the inn to read. Gerry is a book collector, and the mini-libraries in each room are a nod to that hobby.

The inn features 15 guest rooms, each of which is unique in terms of furnishings. And through a little bit of architectural magic, each room is a corner room. That means that no matter where in the inn a guest’s room is, they will have at least two walls with outside-facing windows. Other interior features include crown molding, seven different fireplaces, and wood floors that date back to the 1830s. And in the event you need an expert endorsement, consider a phone call that Gerry recalled getting: “Martha Stewart called and told me that she’d heard from a friend that our beds were made perfectly and she wanted to know how we did it.”

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