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Wedding Style


So much is said every year about what is “in”, but you should choose a style that pleases you. After all, it is your day and you should feel good in what you choose to wear. One piece of advice … take only a few people with you when choosing your gown, as too many opinions will make... Read more

Pearls are treasures from nature…

Appreciation for these natural beauties began more than 5,000 years ago – long before the discovery of diamonds. From the Roman Empire to the present day, pearls have been treasured, traded, bought and stolen. They are among the world’s most coveted gemstones. Only a pearl arrives in a......... Read more

Your Wedding Colors

Choosing color for your wedding is a daunting task that will have huge impact! It will set the tone for the entire event! Here are some ideas to make it easier. Browse through a magazine and see what pages you are drawn to for their color. This may help you think of some combinations........... Read more

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