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Nantucket has long been a magnet for artists of all kinds, and you’ll find any number of them plying their trades every day on the island. Whether it’s painters with their easels standing along a bluff overlooking the ocean, woodcarvers creating whimsical pieces on a wharf, actors treading the boards in a local theater, or photographers capturing portraits and the singular beauty of Nantucket landscapes. Through many artistic mediums, you’ll find incredible talent here on Nantucket. Be sure to check out the local galleries, and museums to see just how spectacular the Nantucket arts scene truly is!

Artwork Above: ‘Blue Perspective’ by Caroline Weld

Life Blossoms in the Spring

Whether arriving by boat or plane, landing on Nantucket is defined by the magnetic color of blue, and it is impossible not to fall under its spell. Nantucket’s nickname “The Grey Lady” is, of course, well-deserved – the somber color infuses the sky, houses, trees, and cobblestones... Read more

One Man’s Journey Through Art

I have known David Lazarus for over 40 years, as a scrimshander, painter, printmaker and teacher. This is the story of his journey as an artist and how he made Nantucket his home. By his own admission, David was a terrible student growing up outside London, England. He knew that the only....... Read more

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