Out-of-Town Beaches

A beautiful out-of-the-way beach, Cisco is also known as the beach for surfing when the "surf is up"If you do not have a board, body surfing is great fun here. We would not recommend this beach for small children.

Distance: Four-mile bike ride from 
town (no bike path).
Surf: Heavy. 
Facilities: Lifeguards, but no food 
or restrooms.

This is a wonderful expansive beach for families; great for picnics, cookouts (do not forget to get a charcoal-fire permit from the Fire Dept.), surf-casting and swimming. The surf is mild, the shells plentiful and the dunes beautiful. This beach has the largest dunes on the Island. Please do not climb or drive on the vegetation, as it causes erosion! Four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed only with a town beach sticker.

Distance: Three miles by bike from town 
(bike path available).
Surf: Mild.
Facilities: Lifeguards, restrooms, but no food.

Madaket is the farthest west that you can go to enjoy our beaches. The bike path to get here is very scenic, and if it is sunsets you are looking for, this is where to be. The beach is large, lovely and far from town.

Distance: NRTA bus from town or five miles by bike (bike path available).
Surf: Heavy.
Facilities: Lifeguards, food and restrooms.

This is a large beach close to our airport, in an out-of-the-way location.

Distance: Four or so miles from town, depending on your route.
Surf: Moderate to heavy.
Facilities: No lifeguard, food or restrooms.

This lovely beach borders the village of Siasconset (or informally Sconset). It is a large beach, seven miles from the Town of Nantucket. Prevailing winds can cause seaweed to be a problem at times.

Distance: Buses from town or seven-mile bike ride on bike path.
Surf: Moderate to heavy.
Facilities: Lifeguard, food in nearby ’Sconset town, restrooms in the town, not on the beach.

This beach is always popular. It is easy to get to via the bike path. Make sure you supervise your children, as the surf can be heavy on some days.

Distance: Beach bus or three-mile bike ride on bike path.
Surf: Moderate to heavy.
Facilities: Lifeguard, snack bar and restrooms.

In-Town Beaches

Brant Point
This beach overlooks the channel for boats going to and from the harbor. You will see plenty of boating activity from this vantage point, and we warn all swimmers to be alert for traffic. In the evening, fishermen cast from the rocks of Brant Point Lighthouse.

Distance: Moderate walk from town 
or short bike ride.
Surf: No surf, strong current.
Children should be supervised.
Facilities: No lifeguard; food and 
restrooms nearby at Jetties Beach.

Children´s Beach
This very small harbor-side beach is wonderful for children because it has a grassed area for play plus a playground. The Public Landing is here also, where local boats are launched daily—a fun activity to watch!
Distance: Short walk from town or 
short bike ride.

Surf: No surf.
Facilities: Lifeguard, restaurant 
and restrooms.

Jetties Beach
The perfect spot to watch the ferry arrive and depart. This large popular beach allows you long shoreline walks. There are swings and a slide here, along with public tennis courts. The 4th of July fireworks are set off from here!

Distance: Beach bus available, moderate walk from town or short bike ride.
Surf: No surf.

Facilities: Lifeguard, restaurant 
and restrooms.